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Crude steel production to a new high in the second half of the market outlook is optimistic

2017-06-14 17:14:41 Haiyan New Shengda Fastener Co.Ltd. Read

It is to see the steel market in this period has a good cash, steel prices is also enough horsepower to expand production.

According to the iron and steel network statistics, in April the national 100 small and medium-sized steel enterprises blast furnace operating rate remained at more than 90% of the historical high level. May, due to sheet profit shrinkage and environmental factors, blast furnace operating rate is expected to decline slightly, but the capacity release or still large.

Some analysts pointed out that by the spring infrastructure and downstream make up the inventory driven, steel prices continue to rise, while the steel prices to return to the highest level in four years. Attracting high profits, steel mills around the increase in horsepower to start production.

Iron and Steel Research Center researcher told reporters that in April, many real estate companies to increase investment, investment projects are cyclical, once started after the need for a period of time, the stimulation of the steel city will continue.

Iron and steel companies optimistic about the current situation, so that production continues to increase. In the crude steel production at a record high, the entire market is bound to pressure, and even disrupt the entire market. In this regard, China Steel Association did not forget to sound the alarm.

In the previous press conference, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association executive vice president of Gu Jianguo has stressed: "The whole industry experienced the pain of 2015, so the iron and steel enterprises must overcome short-sighted behavior, not blindly expand production; To the steel industry to improve the effectiveness of the foundation is not solid, can not be mistaken for the industry market situation has undergone a fundamental change and relax the efforts.